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wre tutorial

Instructor and student tutorial covering the WRE modules and online delivery system [ view/download ]

student module access

Introduction to Electronics
Electronic Circuits
Electronic Careers
Switching Power Supplies
Fourier Theory
Switching Amplifiers
Data Conversion, Part 1
Data Conversion, Part 2
Phase-Locked Loops
Alternative Energy
Portable Power Technology
Wireless Technology
Contemporary Wireless
Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Systems View of Electronics
Data Acquisition
Wiring and Cabling
Contemporary Power Supplies
Micro & Embedded Controllers, Part 1
Micro & Embedded Controllers, Part 2
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The WRE modules require the Flash web browser plugin to operate. This is a free plugin available from Macromedia [ LINK ] and is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.

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module illustration galleries

Switching Power Supplies [ view gallery ]

Introduction to Electronics [ view gallery ]

Fourier Theory [ view gallery ]

Switching Amps [ view gallery ]

Data Conversion : Part 1 [ view gallery ]

Data Conversion : Part 2 [ view gallery ]