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Welcome to What's New at WRE. In our efforts to keep everyone informed on the latest site and module activities, we have added the What's New link to the website. Here you will find information on planned course developments, new course release dates, new contact data and other noteworthy information of interest about this site.

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You can now help to disseminate the Work Ready Electronics web site via the new feature link "Send the Work Ready Electronics web address to a colleague." On the Work Ready Electronics Home Page and the Module page we have added the new link feature that allows you to send the Work Ready Electronics web address to three of your colleagues with a short message about the link. Please try it out and help us disseminate these valuable educational resources to other instructors.

New Modules At WRE

1.  Introduction to Certification -  There are literally dozens of certification organizations specializing in electronics. Most electronic technology students and graduates do not know about certification and its benefits. This module introduces you to certification, outlines the many positive rewards, summarizes the most popular certifications and their sources, and suggests ways to prepare for certification exams.

2.  Systems View of Electronics -  Today, the greater part of a tech's work now deals with a higher level. Specifically, he or she works more with larger PCBs containing many ICs, plug-in modules, subassemblies, and complete pieces of equipment, and entire systems as well as their power and cabling. The technician's work is at a higher level. The focus is on signal flow through the system and testing the system to see that it meets specific standards. Rarely does the tech replace individual components as was once the case. This module presents an overview of how a technician should view electronic equipment and systems today and an approach to understanding their operation and troubleshooting.

3.  Data Acquisition -  Data acquisition systems are very widely used in industry process control, manufacturing, factory automation, testing centers, and research labs. As an electronic technician or engineer, you are very likely to encounter a data acquisition system in your work. This module provides an introduction and overview of data acquisition systems.